Learn About Haiti Medicine

About Us

Haiti Medicine S.A. (HM) is a private company, which distributes top quality medicines and pharmaceutical products throughout Haiti. We aim to make significant improvements in the health of the Haitian population while keeping our company strong. We are a Social Impact (SI) company; we don’t focus in making excessive profits, but we primarily seek to provide necessary products and services that would positively and directly impact the lives of the people of Haiti.

Our Goals

Haiti Medicine intends to serve hospitals, health clinics, pharmaceutical depots, pharmacies, local and international NGOs, and health insurance companies. We offer and store a complete range of essential medicines (according to the national essential medicines list) in our climate control warehouse in Haiti. Our medicines come from World Health Organization (WHO) or USFDA approved manufacturing sites. Next to the supply chain management of the medicines Haiti Medicine offers supports in quantification and forecasting at customer level. We also provide services like procurement, clearing, storage, order picking, and deliveries.

How We Optimize

Another integral part of our project offerings is the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) fast-tracking inventory control software system. This ERP system can be linked to customers’ premises to continuously monitor and evaluate their consumption rates. Through direct communications between the system at our warehouse and the system at our partners/customer’s establishment, stocks can be replenished in a timely matter. Empty shelves and long wait times to procure essential medicines are very well known and are problematic for hospitals, clinics and corporations in Haiti. Outsourcing of these labor-intensive processes to us will help organizations meet their needs and benefit from the supply chain experience of HM. As this is virtually non-existent in Haiti, it is a key process in further develop our core business while strengthening our relationship with our customers.

Who We Are

HM’s founders and partners are a diverse group. This is HM’s distinctive strength. Our service is assured by a staff of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in large scale food distribution, medical products warehousing, financial and project management, business administration, engineering, procurement, import/export, logistics, marketing, business owners, and medical experts. We are a well equipped, unique one stop shop.

If interested, please contact us for a list of our partners or view our FAQs page.